Discover the unchartered path of indulgence with Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs Chef Anthony and culinary expert Priya Bala to host an ice-cream workshop at 1 MG Mall, Häagen-Dazs lounge on 13thSeptember, 2012

Bengaluru, 13th Sept, 2012: Rekindle your love affair with ice-creams as Häagen-Dazs takes you through an invigorating journey of pure pleasure. ‘Discover Indulgence’ is a one-of-a kind ice-cream workshop exclusively designed for ice-cream connoisseurs and dessert enthusiasts waiting to unearth the exoticness of Häagen-Dazs creations. Chef Anthony alongwith renowned food critic and culinary expert Priya Bala will bring alive some of the signature Häagen-Dazs creations on Thursday, Sept 13th2012 from 4:00 - 6:30 pm at HD Lounge,1MG Mall.

 While the workshop is all about learning the art of making scrumptious desserts with iconic Häagen-Dazs ice-creams, it will also acquaint you with the behind the scene techniques. Häagen-Dazs Chief chef Anthony will take you through the ins and outs of what goes into making this super premium ice-cream ranging from assembling various ingredients, refrigeration, finishing of the product to presentation.

 Not just this, it’s your chance to interact with the Chef and other ice-cream connoisseurs and nibble away at the most sinful, most luxurious flavors you will get.

 So if you are an ice-cream enthusiast or looking ways to innovate delectable desserts or keen to get up close and personal with Häagen-Dazs, this workshop is the place to be. You can participate with a very nominal fee of Rs 100 per person which includes tasting and workshop demonstration.

To register for the ‘Discover Indulgence’ workshop Contact us at: 080-3190 3330 or log on to

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