2nd ICAI concludes with an in-depth analysis of the Indian copper sector

L-R: Mr. Sanjeev Ranjan, MD, ICAI, Mr. DK Jain, President- INFMMA & MD, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Ltd., Mr. JC Laddha- CEO, Hindalco Copper Division, Mr. P Ramnath, CEO- Vedanta Copper, Mr. Richard Xu, Regional Director ICA Asia.

Bangalore,21 December, 2016:InternationalCopper Association India (ICA India) in association with Hindalco IndustriesLtd and Vedanta Ltd organised the prestigious India Copper Forum earlier today in Mumbai. The event broughttogether experts and thought leadersfrom the copper fraternity to congregateand deliberate on opportunities, challenges and future of the country withcopper.

Since 2000, India’s domestic copper usage hasregistered a very healthy growth rate which is in-line with the robust GDPgrowth witnessed by India during the same period. As per ICA India’s estimates,the copper usage in India grew at CAGR of 5.3% from 2006 to2015 to reach 1.2 million tonnes in 2015.However, India’s per capita copper usage is around0.8 kg whereas the world average is 3.7 kgs, indicates clearly that there is ahuge potential for growth.

The event held extensive discussions to evaluatehow the copper fraternity is aligning itself to the Government’s vision andcontributing to the nation’s progress.Going forward, the estimated copper usagegrowth is expected to increase as the Government has put in process variousinitiatives such as Housing for All, Make in India and smart cities to namefew.

Speaking on the opportunities and challenges facedby the copper industry,Mr. JC Laddha,CEO, Hindalco Copper Divisionsaid,” We see tremendous growth potential forcopper in India.This will come from sectors like power, telecom, automobile, railway,defence etc.We are expecting the copper usage to double in India by nextdecade. However, copper industry needs great support from the government as itis going througha difficult phase due to slow down in global market and increase of imports. Imports increased from 64,000 tonnes in FY2011 to206,000 tonnes in FY2016, showing a CAGR of 22% over the last 5 years. Also, higher logisticscost, processing & energy cost etc. has built up the cost pressure.”

Mr.P Ramnath, CEO, Vedanta Copper added, “The current environment is very encouraging tohelpboost manufacturing activity in India.The resource capabilities, productiontechnologies and understanding of global market perspective that India hasdeveloped over past few decades have paved the way for transformational growth.Additionally, a comprehensive roadmapto address the concerns of the copperindustrywould help us achieve the desired growth for the sector.”

He also went on to mention, “Despite the fact thatIndia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world for copper usage,the industry faces challenges from the unauthorized usage of commercial gradeCopper and Aluminum in electrical applications.With the common platform thatICAI provides, it is my belief that all of us will find the way to make apositive contribution to society’s sustainable development goals, throughcopper.”

RichardXu, Regional Director, International Copper Association Asia shared his views on the developments in the coppersector in APAC, “The demand continues to be robust for copper in China. As perICA estimates 25.6 mn tonnes of copper was added in the 12th- 5 yearplan of China. This will now increase to 29.2 mn tonnes during the upcoming 13th-5 year plan. Thus there was a healthy growth of 14% of copper usage betweenthese two 5-year plans.A major threat is the substitution of copper, which hadpeaked in the period 2007-2011, however now this practice is on the decline.Onthe other hand copper has gained new markets such as in aquaculture for copperenclosure facilities and copper mesh cages. Also in small diameter copper tubesin air conditioning and copper rotor for induction motors.”

SanjeevRanjan, Managing Director, ICA Indiasaid, “We are hopeful that the industry and thegovernment will work collaboratively to make the country energy efficient andto attain the renewable energy target of 175GW by 2022. ICA India is honored tofacilitate this conversation. We look forward to be a part of this vision andcontribute in realizing this dream along with all the stakeholders.”

Stressing on the need of adoption of copper Mr. Balvender Kumar, Secretary, Ministry ofMines, GoI said “In India there is a huge potential in exploration ofcopper. However, the copper production has not been to the desired level andthis is the reason that India imports nearly 80% of copper requirement. I amhopeful that the measures we have taken in the recent past for promoting andfacilitating exploration in the country will yield results in the near futureand India will become self-sufficient in the coming years.”

As part of the event, awards were given out tothose companies that increased usage of copper for. A list of the winners areenclosed below:

Award & 


Copper Excellence Award for Clean Energy Adoption

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency

Indian Pump Manufacturers Association

Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency


Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency

JK Tyres

Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency

Bureau of Indian Standards

Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency


Copper Excellence Award for Electrical Safety

Chief Electrical Inspector (Maharashtra) - Mr. S R Bagade

Copper Excellence Award for Electrical Safety

Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

Copper Excellence Award for Energy Efficiency & Electrical Safety

Schneider Electric India

International Copper Association of India (ICAIndia) mission at the highest level is to make a positive contribution to thesociety’s development goals. ICAI promotes copper usage for energy efficiency,climate-change mitigation, safe and clean cooking & public health etc.

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